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Good Stuff / Bad Stuff :)

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 12:01 am
by Mug UK
Creating A New Link
Edit the page where you want your link to go.

Ensure it's in A-Z order and don't just dump it at the end of the list!

Put '* [[' before the Link and a single ']' at the end of it. Now save the page.

Your link is now active but without any information behind it.

Creating A New Link
To create a page you need to click on your newly created link. This will then create a fresh page for you to enter your text onto it.

Preview it as many times as necessary and then when you're ready, Save the page.

Try to include (on the last line) a "Back to [[xxxxx]" entry and change the 'xxxxx' to be the level above your page.

E.g. if you've just entered a new Cheat Code, then insert "Back to [[Cheat Codes]" at the end of your text.

If anyone has a decent guides to Wiki editing, please post them as a reply to this one.

Please avoid using garish colour schemes. Simple black text on a white background will suffice with the bold being an option to highlight a particular part of text. No need to make your post look like a homage to a Trip-A-Tron screen :)