Flea Ohm Zero - FPGA AMIGA (Minimig) in a RPi-Zero-Formfactor

Other FPGA systems, e.g. Turbo Chameleon.

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Re: Flea Ohm Zero - FPGA AMIGA (Minimig) in a RPi-Zero-Formfactor

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Hi there, glad to see your still about. I read you got really busy and stuff soon after the Flea Ohm was released, so hope your now doing ok.
Things have changed quite a bit in the hobbyist FPGA world.
A few more hobbyist FPGA devices have been release. Minimig/Amiga Core has advanced quite a bit since the Flea Ohm was released.

Not that I have the brain to do FPGA stuff, but Lattice has a bit of an odd one where it won't accept Hotmail and some other emails to get the Licence file. I managed to use at the time an Academic email account to get the file after nothing came through, but I don't think the Lattice website tells you that it is an invalid email. Someone else (who can understand FPGAs) also was waiting for a license that never turned up! Nothing to do with you I know, but it might have stopped some people developing the Flea.

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