STOT Classics

Take part in tournaments on your ST or Falcon computers. Feel free to play with the real machine or use an emulator. We're currently playing Son Shu Shi, which is game #18 in Season 4.

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STOT Classics

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Since we are running the STOT tournament successfull for more nearly 4 years, we now like to introduce a sister tournament called STOT Classics.

Beside the STOT tournament you could now also particiapte in this tournament where we will play the most popular Atari ST games.

In cooperation with our partner Atarimania, the most poplular Atari ST games (that are playable as a competition) are choosen at the 1st of July. At Atarimania there is a most rated Top 100 list of Atari ST games. This list was the source where we got the games from.

At the moment the most rated (and playable in a competition) games are:

1. Return to Genesis
2. Chaos Engine
3. IK+
4. Gods
5. Xenon II
6. Time Bandits
7. Turrican II (Turrican is prior in the list, but we play the sequel)
8. Pang
9. Wings of Death (Llamazap would fit fine, but it's Falcon game)
10. Rainbow Island
11. Super Sprint
12. Oids

Some of these games we played already in a standard STOT round. That’s not a problem. The idea of the the STOT Classics is to play the most popular games once a year. So if for example Chaos Engine will be among the most popular games again next July, we will play it again the next STOT Classics season.

We will start at the 1st of July, have fun and play Atari
Beside the way we choose the games the rules are the same as in the standard STOT tournaments. One game will be played for one month, so in the end we will play the 12 most popular games in one year.

We also encourage you to vote at Atarimania, so maybe next year we will have different games.
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