Mega STE on a chip

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Mega STE on a chip

Post by bj »

I found this notice on "" . Look fascinating. Could this be the answer to our ageing hardware problems? I don't know how far away this guy is from producing something that would usefully connect to peripherals but I'm definitely interested. Living in a small box now.

" SUSKA - a MegaSTE on chip
Instead of a classic software emulator, the German developer Wolfgang Förster has settled for another approach to achieve compatibility with the old Atari 16/32 computer systems. The FPGA chips can be programmed with the language VHDL to recreate digital logic circuits, and Wolfgang has now been able to rebuild a complete Atari MegaSTE in VHDL!

Some have already suggested that SUSKA could be used as a backwards compatibility chip in new Atari hardware (offering near 100% compatibility) or as a portable Atari STE. "
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Post by alexh »

old news. Interesting non the less. He has re-created rather than reproduced the ST and so it will undoubtably contain as many bugs as emulators when "finished" and right now contains many many more.
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