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Re: Zero-X

Post by Yod801 »

Sorry to bring this up again, but how do I get Zero-X1.51 working? There is an INSTALL.PRG but I can't find a serial number provided.

BTW: I've tried without luck on a MegaSTE (with a MIDEX+ connected to it) and an ordinary STE (4MB, no MIDEX+).
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Re: Zero-X

Post by malkav30 »

For the record, I gave up on my MSTE with this, version, and got in touch with copson through the aforementioned site. He still sells Zero-X, I bought the 2.0 STe version (which really exists, btw) directly from him.
It works flawlessly on steem and on my machines.
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Re: Zero-X

Post by vicomte »

what do you do beautiful with zero x? just to modify a sound or make a complete composition?
just to do tracker or audio?
it's a shame that there is no tutorial of zero x on youtube ;-)
Thank you
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