CT60e and expansion hypothetically speaking

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CT60e and expansion hypothetically speaking

Post by Rustynutt »

Mostly left my last CT60e in a box, opting to work with a CT63 and original CT60.
Sipping a cuppa this morning realized an expansion/adapter card I'm laying out won't work with the CT60e.
Rodolphe's rule of thumbs always sticks in my head, here, where he discusses any legacy cards must fit below the CT.
For the early versions, this isn't an issue. However with the CT60e using the Falcon power connector, a card mounted below it on the Falcon expansion pins will lift it to high to make that connection.
The cardboard PCB layout is fairly large, easily able to have a pass through connector to reach the Falcon power connector and allow the CT to connect too, got to thinking about the top of the header pins the CT uses to fit into the Falcon expansion.

Without any more thought to it than the above, shouldn't those connectors be allowed to have extensions and in no way interfer with the "CT Bus pins" used by the SV and EtherNat?

And for you designers, if a legacy type card included a 3.3Vcc IC of sorts, as long power was kept separate between a 5Vcc rail, would operating ICs on the same data bus cause any issues?
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