DemoBaseST updated to v1.10

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DemoBaseST updated to v1.10

Post by SkylineDave »

* 38 new screens

* Added red "Skip to next screen" button while autoplay is running
* Pause and Stop buttons now won't show at all when autoplay not running
* Play button hoverover says "Restart" not "Start" when autoplay either running or paused
* Play button now won't appear if there are no record matches
* Play button now correctly restarts from top of list if autoplay already playing or paused
* Requerying while autoplay was running now stops autoplay, as the results will be different!
* Clicking Stop button will stop autoplay but not close the current STeem
* Loading and Disk Swap screens will only play for the shorter user-defined period of time if the user is watching a Megademo

* Updated STeem 4.0.2 R23 to 4.0.2 R29
* If your DemoBaseST file path is too long, you will be informed if you try to run a screen, instead of letting STeem say the snapshot is corrupt
* If DemoBaseST can't find the demoscreen file, it will warn instead of crashing
* Added functionality for DemoBaseST to control STeem disk quick access (Symic demo requires slow disk access)
* Minor filename redundancy removed from database
* Minor mathematical efficiencies

* Adding a demo to favourite/jukebox when it was already there and your favourite/jukebox was full would remove it
* Running a screen from the Family Map wouldn't apply the correct settings if you'd ticked Prefer Best STeem version
* Mouse double-clicks now don't also trigger the single-click behaviour afterwards!
* Couple of record fixes in database

* Screenshot carousel fast-forward speed increased

* Default DBST frameskip reduced from Max to High

* Temporary update folder now removed after any DemoBaseST update applied
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Re: DemoBaseST updated to v1.10

Post by JeanMars »

Many thanks !
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