DemoBaseST updated to v1.09

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DemoBaseST updated to v1.09

Post by SkylineDave »


* 41 new screens

* Two new backgrounds to choose from
* Added preference to show scanlines (CPU-intensive!)
* Random chance of a TOS startup instead of a GEM startup!
* Autoplay pause icon now flashes when paused
* Slight rearrangement of the Preference window
* Hand icon more opaque and only appears when actually dragging something
* Carousel fast-forward icon slightly larger
* A couple of database record fixes
* A couple of other minor improvements
* Hidden Go Crazy mode now has black background

* Added Just Buggin' character
* Added new characters - Trans Beauce 2 army guy and MegaDeth Follow Me guy
* Disting logo now has a new variety: bulge/compress
* Delirious Demo mouse pointer now has random choice of Union Demo Tracker screen pointer

* Updated STeem 4.0.2 R2 to 4.0.2 R23
* Reduced failover count before error message box when unable to close existing broken STeem instance

* Standalone recovery program will close DBST if it's open, before copying fresh files over
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Re: DemoBaseST updated to v1.09

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Many thanks!
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