DemoBaseST updated to v1.08

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DemoBaseST updated to v1.08

Post by SkylineDave »


* 65 new screens

* Added 8th feature panel - "Infos", where all Help, Credits etc. is consolidated
* Added "Can you help...?" link and webpage for broken demoscreens
* Added two new backgrounds to choose from
* Added Hand-shaped mouse pointer when dragging demos or sliders
* Removed redundant DBST volume slider from preferences
* STeem volume slider now horizontal
* Large and X-Large slide sizes are now spaced out a tiny bit
* Background music starts a second earlier, if selected, upon DBST startup
* Minor colour correction on features buttons
* Sorting by demo name now case insensitive (e.g. "aRTS")

* Added Overdrive main menu spaceship
* Panning Background effect now has twelve different backgrounds, in addition to original thumbnail background

* Recovery program won't wait for keypress after downloading - it will go straight onto file management

* "No Internet" error when checking for update was not being caught properly
* STeem 4 volumes weren't correct
* Clicking on the "Copy all Megademos to main list" button wasn't creating a step in the search history properly (bug introduced v1.07)
* Demo name sort order slightly wrong for standalone hidden or resetscreens when sorting by megademo name
* A few database record fixes and demo name improvements
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Re: DemoBaseST updated to v1.08

Post by Cyprian »

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Re: DemoBaseST updated to v1.08

Post by JeanMars »

Thanks for this great piece of nostalgic code!
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