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Call me stupid but ..

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 5:11 pm
by devontodetroit
I cant for the life of me get Gamebase ST to work,

I've downloaded the frontend, installed that.. Then downloaded the 1.6gb database.. Unzipped that into the gamebase program folder.

I try to somehow add that to the toolbox by adding the Gemus.dat file??? It comes up saying its the wrong version..

Do I then make a new one or what? Couldnt this all be downloaded in one archive pre configured so that people could just plug n play?!!

Could someone just explain what I need todo step by step, The website has no readme docs or wiki.

Thanks for any help, Luke.

Re: Call me stupid but ..

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:36 pm
by eeun
Here's what I did:

Install the latest Gamebase version. I've installed mine in:

Unzipped the GBST file to D:\Emulation\Gamebase\GBST v3.1d\

That folder should now contain folders Emulators, extras, Games, sub-folders and a number of files.

Now manually edit the .ini files (I just opened them one at a time in Notepad rather than using the toolbox program) and change any directory paths to reflect where you've installed Gamebase. For example, the Gambase install of Steam for me is:

Code: Select all

EmulatorPathFile=D:\Emulation\GameBase\GBST v3.1d\Emulators\STeem v3.2\Steem.exe
and my paths.ini file looks like this:

Code: Select all

1=D:\Emulation\GameBase\GBST v3.1d\Games
1=D:\Emulation\GameBase\GBST v3.1d\Screenshots
1=D:\Emulation\GameBase\GBST v3.1d\Extras
Music=D:\Emulation\GameBase\GBST v3.1d\Music
Photos=D:\Emulation\GameBase\GBST v3.1d\photos
Once the ini file editing was done, Gamebase worked like a charm.