GamebaseST - Util tool released

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GamebaseST - Util tool released

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I've written a "util" tool for GamebaseST for release 3.1d which will :-

Fix extended character names in some games/screen shots (which is Gamebase ST specific)

Zip file check (which uses 7zip to check zip files within sub-directories)

It's available from ... README.php
(click the "Additional GbST Fix tool is located here" link).

Thanks to megar for hosting and doing the inital testing!

Any comments/suggestions then please post them here!

As regards to zips, the following are known to be corrupt :-

Games\ST\M\Mean 18 - The Ultimate
Games\STX\A\Advantage Tennis (M3)(Pasti Original).zip
Games\STX\G\Great Napoleonic Battles (Pasti Original).zip


The readme follows :-
What is it / what does it do?

This is a small app which I put togther, to fix some naming issues with the "Gamebase ST v3.1d - Games" archive from

(At time of writing, June 2007, this is "Gamebase ST v3.1d - Games".)

There appears to be an incompatibily within rar for linux and WinRar windows which means the filenames when extracted on windows are incorrect.

(Eg ST\B\Börsenfieber (De).zip is extracts as B÷rsenfieber (De).zip with WinRar.)

The file names which are "fixed" buy this app are from a hard coded list. This was made by using the "verify" option from within GambeaseST, using the games archive from

How do I install it?

Just unzip the main archive and leave the dir structure intact.
You should have something like :-


Double click the GbSTFixIt.exe.

Note - There aren't any VB Runtime or Microsoft .NET dependencies to worry about.

To uninstall

Just delete the dir in which GbSTFixIt is in. This software doesn't create an reg keys or anything like that.

How do I use it?

There are a few ways to use it :-

1) If you're already got GBST installed and running (ie the paths are setup within it) - goto File -> Open INI file.
Select the following file :-

C:\Program Files\GameBase\GBST v3.1d\Paths.ini

Obviously replace the "C:\Program Files\GameBase\" location to match where you have the GameBase Front end installed to!

2) You can drag your GAMES folder/SCREENSHOTS folder from explorer
NOTE - When you "drag" a folder from explorer onto this app, make sure to let go of the mouse button when the cursor is over the "white edit area" next to the "games dir" or "screen shots".

3) You can type the paths in.

NOTE - Both GAMES and SCREENSHOTS need to point to the "parent" folders - just as you set them up in Gamebase. Eg

F:\atari\Gamebase ST v3.1d\Games
F:\atari\Gamebase ST v3.1d\Screenshots

Then click the "GAMES Name fix" and then the "SCREENSHOT Name fix" buttons, it'll fix the filenames as needed.

What's this Zip Test (General) Button?

This function isn't GamebaseSt specific and you can check your Mame, DemoBaseST, Gamebase AMIGA (etc, etc) zip file collection for errors.

What this button does is search through each folder (and sub-folder) that you have set as your GAMES directory, and each zip file is "verified/tested" using 7Zip.

NOTE - You can drag folders from explorer onto to "Games" dir selector (white area).

This is a good way to find if you have any corrupt zips file within an given folder (and sub folder).

As far as GamebaseST is concerned, the following zips are known to be corrupt :-

Games\ST\M\Mean 18 - The Ultimate
Games\STX\A\Advantage Tennis (M3)(Pasti Original).zip
Games\STX\G\Great Napoleonic Battles (Pasti Original).zip

If anyone has a "good copy" of any of the above - could you please post/upload to

What does it run on?

The various pre-release versions have been tested on Windows98 SE, 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server and a version of Vista (Can't remember which version megar had).

Possible Future Plans

Possible enhancements (if anyone is interested) are to-

* Rather than have a "hard coded" list of games/screenshots, it would be better to Connect to the access database directly. (The *.mdb file within the Gamebase folder). This would make it more generalised and usable by all Gamebase databases. (I don't know if other database use "extended characters" in there filenames???)

* Add "revserse file check" - which would check that files within a directory are actually within the database. (As the verify files checks database -> file, this check would be file -> database).

Thanks to

megar for hosting the archive/testing this fix app.

And Goldrunner for GamebaseST. (It's just a shame the EXTRAS aren't available yet!!!!)


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