DemoBaseST updated to v1.14

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DemoBaseST updated to v1.14

Post by SkylineDave »

* 96 new screens
* A further 2 duplicate screens replaced with new ones
* Two thumbnail images fixed (#4880 and #4885)
* A handful of database record fixes

* Refresh and animation timing of demo effects are now disconnected so that the monitor refresh rate won't affect the animation/movement speed
* If no matches found, extra hint line appears referring user to the filter controls in the bottom panel
* Updated STeem 4.1.1 R3 to 4.1.1 R8

* When viewing Large slides, the demo and crew names for standalone screens are now vertically centred instead of showing ---
* Visual tweak to Megademo and Crew Browser sliders
* Minor visual tweak in Preferences panel
* Preferences button and Update button will now flash when there's an update
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Re: DemoBaseST updated to v1.14

Post by marss »

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Re: DemoBaseST updated to v1.14

Post by dhedberg »

Great update!
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