Anyone from Greece?

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Anyone from Greece?

Post by calimero »

I know that there is few active users from Greece here :) and I need help.

I plan to go to vacation in Greece this summer (like many before) but I have few questions regarding “new normal”:

- what kind of test/document is required to enter Greece? (Or what is official Greek website where I can read about this requirements)?

- are mask mandatory in Greece (and where)? Does people were them?

- does price go up (price in stores and restaurants)?

Thank you fellow /|\ people! :)
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Re: Anyone from Greece?

Post by christos »

since you are not in the EU,

you will need an official document that verifies that you are covid free or vaccinated from a certified laboratory:

For Serbia you will need to fill the PLF(PassengerLocator Form) :
  • Have completed vaccination at least 14 days before entry
  • Have been diagnosed negative on a PCR test ... -covid-19/

Masks are mandatory everywhere, indoors and outdoors. You can take off your mask when you sit in a restaurant/cafe or when you are on the beach. As for how people behave, it's a mixed bag. Many do, others don't.
I can't tell you anything about the prices, sorry.
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