Good news for Atari Portfolio Users

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Good news for Atari Portfolio Users

Post by rcamp48 »

My IDE Kit prototype was finished 6 months agoo, but I have been waiting for at least that long for the finished Atari Portfolio Modded Parallel interface, Don finished it this afternoon and should have assembled the interface by now, at least he said he would do it and I could pick up the whole thing tomorrow afternoon.

I have pictures to show you all of this exciting event, first the finished Parallel interface circuit board, then the 3 different pictures of the finished prototype of the IDE kit.

What I will be doing is getting Don to extend power from the interface for the prototype and the IDE to CF card adapter that goes into the IDE connection power port, and make it compact. No need for a separate power supply a video of it in operation , working or not will be made by 5:00 PM EST my time in Canada.

I will be running extensive tests on both the adapter and the prototype tomorrow , and if it works, the order for 25 custo cuircuit boards will be designed and placed by Don to get the ball rolling. I have ssource code and executables for all of the software that has been used, so I will upload it tomorrow as well.

Russ campbell
parallel interface.jpg
There you all go, thing of it a portable CF card adapter to run 30,000 Atari Portfolio files all in the same CF card. Tomorrow afternoon I will let you all know the results , good or bad.
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Re: Good news for Atari Portfolio Users

Post by AndresPlaza »

Looks exciting!

So, your idea is to make the Parallel-CF adapter, but each user will have to supply their Portfolio Parallel adapter, and modify it?

Keep us posted.

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Re: Good news for Atari Portfolio Users

Post by gavinlew »


Have these been made available at all ?
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Re: Good news for Atari Portfolio Users

Post by Mr.JT »

Anyone know what happened to this project? Sounded like it was basically complete last year? I followed up directly (as I'd helped fund the prototype) but not heard anything. Totally understand these things take a long time and might fail, but just curious as sounded from the above as if the results were simply a day away!
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