[ANN] Studio Son 2.093 beta FR & UK

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[ANN] Studio Son 2.093 beta FR & UK

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Friday, July 13th 2007,

Today, it is not a day of bad luck because there is the new release of
Studio Son for your Atari Falcon.

Studio Son 2.093b is available in the wonderful french language:
http://doyeuxyvan.free.fr/studioson/std ... D2093F.ZIP

The english version can be found here:
http://doyeuxyvan.free.fr/studioson/std ... D2093E.ZIP

You can, of course, find the classic 68030 and 68030+68882 versions in these

I have performed a lot of hard tests to check the quality of my algorithms.
I have written a lot of different DSP and C programs to obtain correct
results. But, it is still a beta version, so be careful with your samples !

This version has been tested with an original Falcon 030 with a 68882
coprocessor. The CT60 card is not officially supported.

Bugs fixed:

- Better WAV, AIFF and AVR formats implementation.
- Space disk remaining bug fixed.

New features and bugs fixed:
( since 2.09b version )

- Rewritten "Apply Effect" function. Studio Son does not need a temporary
file any more.
- You can now create with "New Sound File..." blank AIFF, WAV, TRK,
SND and AVR files. WAV files created are always 8 bits unsigned and
16 bits signed with little endian format ( Intel ). Either are always big
endian format ( Motorola ).
- You can create you own sample frequency.
- New management of external DSP effects.
- New useful alert boxes added.
- AU/SND files header write error fixed.
- Several loop errors.
- The approximative hi-speed play has been disabled.
- Icons draw bugs.
- Intempestive play.
- DSP effect restore bug after effects changes during a play.
- Reverse stereo with Invert function.
- Block undraw after a Scrub.
- Undo after the "Replace" function.
- Reverse stereo of echo-delay DSP effect.
- Record from cursor.
- Pause with SPACE while recording under Magic.
- Crashs when filtering under Magic fixed.
- For a resample process under Magic, internal file management fixed.
- Significative noise reduction of plopping sounds as long as you use Studio
- Management improved of AIFF files compatible with Cubase Audio. These
files are now saved with a physical size rounded to 1024 bytes multiples.
Useful to prevent crackling noise when you import your AIFF files with
Cubase Audio.
- Buggy "Scrub" function rewritten. No crash occurs.
- Reverse stereo bug for a "Scrub" fixed but still in beta test mode.
- Buggy "Cross Fade" function improved. Autocorrection for wrong parameters.
The UNDO is also correct.
- Cut, Copy, Paste, Insert and others have their UNDO bugs fixed.
- Bug of the current working folder fixed. ( After an Insert for example )
- DSP effect after a Resample and Filtering is now restored with no problem.
- Overall settings saving are now re-enabled ! Up to date, you MUST keep the
STUDIO.SYS folder.
- Rewritten "New Sound File" function. You can now create a file with the
fileselector, choose a frequency, ...
- Rewritten "Apply Effect" function. Sample gap subtly fixed. Due to the DSP
real time application of this function, it is obvious that it remains a very
small gap into your final sample. This gap is usually filled by zero values
as it has been thought for this rewritten function. So, it's not recommended
to apply an effect to a block selection.
- Markers management bugs fixed. ( Delete, saving and loading procedures )
- There was play error with "Preview Cut" function. It's now okay.
- Block selection with SHIFT+TAB to the next marker has been debugged.
- Sample time length is now updated after any UNDO.
- Little bug fixed during a play actived by the space bar with an exported
sample from Studio Son.
- Resampling function added ( Linear Interpolation ).
- Resampling function includes a filter and linear interpolation code in
only one DSP program.
- You can resample from 2 Khz to 192 Khz.
- WAV files opening issue fixed.
- Huge undo bug fixed.
- Huge bug of the volume of mono samples filtered fixed.
- FIR filters ( Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Reject ) up to 2048
- Resample process can be followed by a LowPass filter up to 1024
- DSP Filter algorithm improved. The speed of the treatment have been
increased. Now you can enjoy a good optimization of the filtering process.
- The end of the sample is now truly filtered.
- Vu meter clipping problems fixed.
- The cursor running is now correct when sample frequency is not the same as
the system frequency.
- Desktop background pattern modified to improve the work in monochrome.
- Redraw bug of the desktop in monochrome corrected.
- Several dialog boxes fields bugs fixed in monochrome.
- Crashs at very high zoom levels fixed.
- You can now really select all the sample with the mouse.
- You can now really place the cursor at the end of the sample with the
- Wrong size of the blocks at the end of the sample corrected.
- You can now create a block with a "one sample" size when you make a long
click on a part of the sample.
- New alert boxes for the Filtering and Resampling function.
- New internal undo for the Resampling function.

New function "Resample..." allows you to change the frequency of your
samples with a linear interpolation and an optional Low Pass filter.
The "Filtering..." function enables you to carry out FIR filters ( Low
Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Reject ).
This is performed by the DSP 56001 and with Direct to Disk process.

Known bugs:

- No sound when playing very high frequency samples.
- Slowly WAV files opening.
- Selected block after a resampling task is not deleted.
- Sample duration and time counter are wrong when the system frequency
doesn't match with the sample frequency.
- Unable to reduce physically the size of a sample when you cut blocks.
- In the time counter, the value 99 is followed by 10.
- Several little bugs into the sample window.
- The icon of the function "Generate Low Frequencies" differs with the
colour of the resolution.
- Little bugs of sample drawing.
- Random error messages when filter steepness is very low.
- Minor bugs.

Up to date, you MUST keep the STUDIO.SYS folder with Studio Son
program file.

If you are using Studio Son on a single TOS, I strongly recommend the launch
of ARROWFIX.PRG in the AUTO folder:

If you are using NVDI, just run ARROWFIX.PRG after this.
Otherwise, GEM must be copied in RAM with the program GEMRAM.PRG before

If you have troubles to run Studio Son under Magic, you can use the patch
DSPSLOW1.PRG by Centek included into the package or you can find it here:
http://doyeuxyvan.free.fr/studioson/std ... PSLOW1.PRG
Don't run DSPSLOW1.PRG if you launch Studio Son under TOS otherwise you
might have display or DSP locked issues.

You can also use the nice DSPXBIOS patch by Didier Mequignon:
http://doyeuxyvan.free.fr/studioson/std ... pxbios.zip

If you use an external clock, run FDI_INIT.PRG into the AUTO folder:
http://doyeuxyvan.free.fr/studioson/std ... I_INIT.PRG

FPATCH2.PRG is now included in the package.

You can also download self-extracting STZIP unpacker:

Have fun !

Yvan Doyeux
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Post by Desty »

That's a lot of new features and fixes for a small version number increase :)
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Re: [ANN] Studio Son 2.093 beta FR & UK

Post by dbsys »

I am looking for the manual of Studio Son.

Anyone here who has it?

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