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Re: Atari ST(e) Demo Archive

Post by calimero »

wietze wrote: Tue Nov 23, 2021 6:06 pm
calimero wrote: Tue Nov 23, 2021 5:20 pm
wietze wrote: Sat Nov 20, 2021 3:59 pm I have cobbled together an Atari ST(e) demo archive and put it up for download. More about it, and link to download can be found here.
Small suggestion: can you add some color on link on your website :) it is hard to distinguish what is link in text...

Next, more serious question:

- is it possible to automate this process to avoid repackaging Pouet content in giant zip archives but rather to make some kind of APT/RPM mechanism for Cosmosex so ST users can browse Pouet archive, using API endpoints and choosing what to download and install on Cosmosex drive?
I'm not sure about the acronyms you use. But my idea would be to support it using the same interface as is currently done by the compact disk search and download program. E.g. publish the contents list and meta info and let the program take care of it.

I had intention to contact jookie about it to discuss possibilities, since I'm to lazy to go figure it out all by myself, and would like some pointers where to start.

Does this answer your question?

Alternatively, people are welcome to show initiative and tell me what they need from me so that they themselves can contribute. So far, this development has mainly been to suit my.own needs, and I don't see this drive/motivation changing anytime soon.
Absolutely answer my question.

My agenda is to get exactly the same functionality but for Atari programs/applications!

Some times ago I make this website that host Atari programs: - I intentionally did not make database for this web site but I rather wanted to everything be on file system (FTP): for each program I make simple .txt file, file content is key:value pairs. I have multiple files for each program used to store history of edits... (I emulated Document DB with bunch of files). Here you have more info:

Just to be clear: you would like to use existing Cosmosex "compact disk search and download program" but for the demos? I would love to use it for applications.

If jookie is willing to give us support, I would be very happy to implement my software archive with Cosmosex.

btw - for contribution to my web site software archive, it is quite easy to add and edit content.
I made short video "how to add content":
Ideally would be to make it possible to add and edit content directly from ST :)
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Re: Atari ST(e) Demo Archive

Post by Estrayk »

Thanks for the work! Let check them...
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