Deuteros Solution?

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Deuteros Solution?

Post by AtariKid »

OK, after many painstaking hours of Methanoid ass kicking i've beaten them out of the galaxy but i've got a rogue ship and i need to capture the crew but how do i do it, they orbit the very last planet i took and thats it. You get plans for a prison pod but what do i do next?
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Post by Shredder »

Have a look on my website :
the solution of Deuteros is in french, but you can surely translate it with altavista.
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Post by toyotis »

Can you translate it to English? Altavista translates it word for word
and doesn't make any sense...
I've made some tables for the game
but I haven't finished it yet (without trainer) and I'm looking for a solution--guide-walkthrough!
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Post by Belgarath »

Here's a walkthrough for the game, it's for the amiga but should be fine for the ST

I'd attach it as a file but attachments don't seem to be working

The Solve
This solve is not in FULL detail bacause it would take much too long to write
step by step everything you are to do. Well here it is!

Ok, the first thing to do at the beginning is to train 200 producers, 250
researchers, and 41 marines. Once you have them trained start building rigs
and at the same time research all the stuff that you have. Once you have 8
rigs make them mine. After you researched everything build a shuttle and
equip it with a factory section. Send it into space and set up the first
section. Land and get another section and repeat this until the factory is
complete. Now your scientists should have come up with the IOS and its
attachments. Build the IOS and equip it with more factory sections and send
it to build more factories. Do not set up more than 5 factories because the
Methanoids will declare war on you. The best planets to build factories at
are Earth, Moon, Venus, Leda, and Callisto. After you have these factories
launch an IOS equiped with 3 grapples to the asteroids. Go inside the ship
and activate the grapple. Then pass a few days until the computer scans and
finds an asteroid. Pass days some more until a suitable asteroid made of the
mineral you need to make the R Frame appears and is not more than 250T in
mass. Retrieve the asteroid and go to any factory. Click on the grapple that
has the asteroid and the mineral will be extracted from it. Now you can build
the R Frames. Equip one R Frame onto a shuttle and land with it on a planet.
You must have a factory over that planet though. Click on the Tool Pod which
contains the Frame and the computer will correctly position it. Launch and
get another frame and do the same thing. Now you have a Resource station.
Make these resource stations on every planet that you have an orbital factory
over (remember, no more than five factories). On each of your 5 factories,
including Earth, make sure you have 8 rigs that are mining. Also, on each
factory you should have a shuttle with an ACC bringing up all the needed
minerals that the rigs are producing to the factory. Ok, before you start the
war with the Methanoids 4 of your factories should have all of these minerals
each: 24000T of Iron, 24000T of Titanium, 24000T of Aluminum, 3000T of
Carbon, 11000T of Copper, 6000T of Paladium, and 6000T of platinum. This will
take you a long time to do but it's the only way. Also you should have an AOC
on each of these 4 factories. Have alot of fuel on Earth and Leda and also
a IOS with a tool pod ready in Space bay on both of these factories before
starting the war. Now send an IOS and build the 6th factory and you will
receive a message from the Methanoids. Pass a day and your scientists will
invent the Drone Computer and the Drones. Research these two and build two
drone computers one on Earth and one on Leda. At the same time make the
AOC build drones on the other two. Once you have the drone computers built
make the two other factories build drones. Set the AOC on automatic drone
building so you won't have to run around from factory to factory to set
production. While your factories are building drones install the two drone
computers onto the IOSs that you have on Earth and Leda. Fuel the ships and
put Admirals in as their pilots. Launch both of them. Go inside the one that
is around Leda and click on the Battle Computer and add all the drones that
Leda has built to the fleet. Keep adding drones one by one until you reach
about 20. Then go to the IOS that is around Earth and add the drones that are
there to the fleet. Then fly the IOS to the closest factory that is producing
drones which is the Moon and add those drones to the fleet. Next fly the IOS
to Callisto and take those drones and then fly to Leda and Remove all the
drones you collected to the pool and fly back to Earth. Then with the other
IOS that is around Leda add all those drones to the fleet. You should now
have an IOS around Leda with around 80 to 90 drones. Always keep this IOS
around Leda because that is the place the Methanoids will attack first. If
they attack Callisto just fly the IOS from Leda to Callisto. When the
Methanoids attack one of your factories you have 4 days to get an IOS there
and defeat them. Ok, now build 20 more drones on all 4 factories and collect
them with the IOS that is in Earth orbit and take them to Leda. Put them in
pool and fly back to Earth. Now with the other IOS add them to the fleet and
you should have about 160 to 170 drones. Keep doing this and if you succeed
in getting 200 drones before they attack you save the game and attack
Jupiter. If you loose then load the game. If you win the IOS will
automatically dock at the factory. Now quickly click on the PANIC icon (Self-
Destruct Mechanism) and then back to the IOS and take off fast. The factory
will be destroyed. Pass a day or two and your scientists will copy the
Methanoid's Self-Destruct Mechanism. Research it and build it on all of your
factories. Now keep building drones and keep transfering them to Leda. Also
fly the IOS that is around Jupiter to Leda. Once you have another 200 drones
attack Uranus. Save first though. When you win click on the PANIC icon and
switch the two levers at the right side of the screen. That should deactivate
the Self-Destruct Mech. Now go to Stores on Uranus and then click on Switch
Storerooms and you will see the M.T.X. Pass a day or two and your scientists
will copy the M.T.X. Build this on all factories. Now all the drones you
build on the 4 factories make the M.T.X automatically transfer them to
Uranus. Build more drones and attack the Methanoids at Titania, then at
Neptune, then at Triton and at Pluto. After you conquer Pluto your scientists
will find plans for the S.C.G in the Methanoids records and also the Star
drones. Don't build it YET and don't worry about it YET. Now build an IOS
on Neptune and install the D.F.C.C into it and launch it into orbit. Also
build an IOS on Callisto and install the D.F.C.C into it and launch it into
orbit. While you are doing this make sure those 4 factories are building
drones and sending them to Uranus. Also fly the IOS with which you conquered
Pluto to Uranus. Forget about Pluto, if the Methanoids attack it just nuke
it. The Methanoids will keep attacking you even though they have no more
factories in that solar system. Now with the IOS that is around Uranus
collect all the drones that are there into the remaining fleet. Keep building
them until you have 200. Now wherever they attack you can defend it. If they
attack you at Titania just fly your IOS from Uranus to Titania, save it first
and kick their butt. It will take 4 days to fly there but that is enough.
After you win return the IOS to Uranus. If they attack you at Leda just
remove the drones from the IOS that is around Uranus and transport them by
the M.T.X to Callisto. At Callisto you should have an IOS so just add them
to the fleet and fly to Leda and kick their butt again. You should have
4 IOSs with the D.F.C.C. One around Earth, one around Callisto, one around
Uranus and one around Neptune. All of your factories will be protected in
this way except Venus which they will not attack in a LONG time. Keep
building drones and transporting them to Uranus. You must also build as many
orbital factories as you can (16 is the limit for every solar system). Make
sure that you have IOSs with the D.F.C.C to protect them all. Try to pick
planets that have good resources (the most needed resources later in the game
are paladium and silver). Oh! equip an IOS with a grapple on Earth and launch
it into orbit. Activate the grapple and you will find the first part of the
UNKNOWN item. Seven more parts to go! Stock up on resources and make 3
factories build star drones but keep building the IOS drones too. This will
take you a while to do. Build an S.C.G and equip it with the D.F.C.C. Oh, I
hope you researched the S.C.G and the special fuel since only Uranus can
produce it. Collect the drones with the S.C.G and make sure you have full
fuel. Now most of the rest you will have to do yourself cause it is a pain
for me to explain it to you. Every time you conquer a solar system the race
that has been sending messages to you will tell you the location of the next
part to the Unknown Item. Also, every time you conquer a solar system your
scientists will research a new item (well almost every time). You only need
to conquer seven other solar systems to win the game even though there are
eight. Now what you must do is send the S.C.G with the star drones to a
system with the least amount of planets (Proxima will do). Fly to Pacific
and conquer it. Then transport some star drones to Pacific and add them to
the fleet to make a full 200. Now fly to Barent and conquer that too.
Transport a grapple and a tool pod to Barent and equip it on to the S.C.G.
Pass a day or two and the aliens will tell you the location of the next part.
Fly to that planet and take the item with the grapple and fly back to Barent.
Remove the item for research and equip the D.F.C.C onto the ship and refuel.
After a few days your scientists should invent a formula that will allow you
to fly faster than the speed of light. Research the formula. Also make sure
you have an IOS with drones to protect the two planets in that system. Now
since you can fly to any system and back very fast you should make all of
your Admirals into Warlords so the strenght of the IOS drones will be
increased. An Admiral changes into a Warlord just by flying to another system
faster than the speed of light. So fly all of your Admirals to Proxima and
back until all of them are Warlords. The rest is very simple, build up
drones, attack another system, conquer it, retreive the part of the Unknown
item, build up more drones and repeat this process until you have conquered
7 systems and have all parts to the Unknown item. Once you have all the parts
the aliens will send you a message with the instructions on how to use it.
Build the item and put it on a tool pod onto an S.C.G. Launch the S.C.G into
orbit and activate the item in the tool pod. You will then see the END
sequence and you have finished Deuteros.
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Post by toyotis »

Thanks for the solution... If you found it on the web can you give us a link? Do you know how the game unlocks some items like Comms Pod, Prison Pod, Blaser, Blaster, P.T.L...?
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Post by Belgarath »

Sorry I've not played it much myself and the solution was from a disk, I didn't find it on the web.
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French translation.

Post by fabien134a »

toyotis wrote:Can you translate it to English? Altavista translates it word for word
and doesn't make any sense...
I've made some tables for the game
but I haven't finished it yet (without trainer) and I'm looking for a solution--guide-walkthrough!

Hi mate, here is a translation. Regards.
:D This is a summary!

If you build more than five (5) stations, the methanoids will attack you!
If your engineers are not qualified enough, build something else in the meantime. The same principle applies to navigators, the more they travel, the higher their ranking, the more complex equipment they will be able to use.
As soon as you can, build on each station a production computer (PC), they are much quicker than any human expert.

Train some personnel for production and navigation. Research all you can. Build 7 derricks and a shuttle (structure, nacelles, propulsion). With the tool nacelle fitted, containing one station unit, take off and deploy it in Earth space, SEVEN times. Research all three new objects and fit your shuttle with a ship computer (SC), that’s handy. Program your shuttle so that it brings from Earth on the station all the material it can, as well as human resources. When the production team is up and ready, bring it onto the station.
When ready, build the spaceship structure, its propulsion group, mount a grapple and take off. Activate it, you will handle an unknown object, bring it back, and research it. Then research all five new items. You will have to go near asteroids to bring back some palladium, platinum etc. to be able to build asteroids mining facilities (AMF). A ship fitted with two freight nacelles, a SC and an AMF can probe an asteroid, land, mine and get back home without pilot…
Build a station on the Moon [Moon is worthless, go somewhere else]. The ground structure is already set up but needs repairing, so build a ‘band aid’ to do so. At this point only you may build more derricks to get up and running. Get a shuttle with a SC to bring from surface to orbital all the material on its own.
Otherwise, for stations, you need 8 elements to build one and then build 2 ground structures. Once this is done, build a PC, a shuttle fitted with a SC and that’s all you need. Later, build several spaceships fitted with SC to balance materials from planet to planet. You MUST do that, although this is long, because otherwise you won’t get enough material to construct drones for the upcoming battle with the Methanoids.

[One point to mention: do choose planets which are independent in terms of fuel, i.e. They need both hydrogen and methane].

Send a ship with a grapple where Methanoids are (for instance Uranus). An alien will give you an object to research this will implement a ‘CommsPod’. Do come back with nacelles full of deuterium (to get helium or other material) and a CommsPod a few times. At some point, an alien will warn you of the war coming up and will provide you with a laser prototype for you to research.
Then a coded message will show up on your screen, do not worry, these are far-away aliens from another race and they are peaceful. Do research what you have.
Once you build your sixth station [remember, you have piled up materials in your other five, have you?], methanoids will declare war. Build drones on each station, a ship fitted with a drone computer (DC) and lots of fuel (these ships consume 10 times as much as the others). Launch it into space, go to the DR and get as much drones as you can (200).
Save your game and attack one alien planet, land on it and get back to space immediately for these cunning aliens have fitted EVERY of their stations with a self destruct device (DD). You may research it to fit it as well on yours (handy). If you fail the attack, resume the game and start over.
Next time you land on an alien planet, you will be able to defuse the DD. Then you will discover one of the most brilliant station feature you can get: a “transfer computer” (TC) that can automatically balance all stations with the same amount of material.
Attack all alien planets in this solar system. Protect your stations, the Earth in particular for you will loose if taken over!

Eight new galaxies are within your reach. Each one of them holds one piece of the unknown object given by the far-peaceful aliens. This is the key to ending Deuteros. To get one piece, you need to take control [or destroy?] of all the Methanoid stations in one galaxy.
When this is done in one galaxy, you will get a message from your friends letting you know where it stands. Get a ship, a grapple and get it! Research it and carry on with all the remaining galaxies.
Once you have researched all eight pieces, you may build it [not from Earth?] and launch it from one of your ship to win the game and watch a nice graphic conclusion.
The deeper you get in the game, the more weapons you will have, i.e. a blazer, an automated ship with such a powerful laser that it can destroy an entire drone fleet in one single shot (you loose the ship though) or a Prejudice Fuel Torpedo that utilizes your onboard fuel to destroy some ormany drones at a time (that may include yours). Watch out for the pirates that will come and plunder your precious material etc.
Good game.

Fabien for the translation.
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Post by Anaemic »

There's something I don't understand : In my original ( french ) version of the game, I could build 16 space stations without being attacked.... Was it a bug in my version?
Another thing strange is that my dad ( years ago ....maybe the disks became corrupted ? ) could fight the methanoids, but in 2 years of gaming, he never won a game.... I think I'll try the french version from mrnours and the dbug one ...but whatever if somebody can tell me that I'm not mad it would be cool :P
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How to use the Prison Pod

Post by teppic_xxviii »

How to use the Prison Pod

Well this is a tough one, but last night I managed to work it out...

You have to 'set a trap' for the pirate. My pirate had a habit of sitting in orbit around a particular enemy base and whenever I conquered that base, he would move on to the next. The trick is to keep an eye on where he's going to move next (watch his 'set course' control panel change...). Then you need to send a DFCC to that base and capture it before he realises. Once you've docked and claimed the base as your own, you need 3 things:

1) The warlord must be removed from your DFCC ship and left in the SpaceDock
2) MTX in a Tool Pod
3) MTX in a Prison Pod

In my game, I had to do the last two things from two different bases on the SAME DAY, because I didn't have time before he would dock and run off again.

Ok, now you have to lie in wait. He should be docking with you in the next couple of days, so wait in the SpaceDock. Advance the days one at a time until he's docked, then tell your Warlord to replace the Pirate. Now, you can move to Pod Mount 1, for example. Mount the Tool Pod and place the Prison Pod on it... Click the Prison Pod and select the Pirate. He will go in to the Prison, but a second later will pop straight back out again. The trick is to 'lock the prison' before he can pop back out (by clicking the right mouse button). Voilá!

Now you can parade around your captured pirate to your hearts content. Or be really evil like me and hyperspace to another star with insufficient fuel :twisted:

Ahhh, what a glorious game!
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Post by coze »

Belgarath wrote: The best planets to build factories at
are Earth, Moon, Venus, Leda, and Callisto.
I'm just replaying this classic (although on amiga :D ) and have come across this dilemma. what're the best 5 starting colonies ?

what was your reasoning for choosing these planets ? Venus particularly is a useless planet. The most important elements are, Iron, Titanium and Aluminum, cause once you start building drones, these are the most consumed elements by the production. And there are only three planets you can colonize which has all these three elements, moon, oberon and ganymede. The best fourth is probably callisto, since it has two of the important three, and makes up for lack of platinum on the other planets.
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Re: Deuteros Solution?

Post by coze »

ok I just read your article and it relies on little resource usage strategy. when I played this in the days, I just left the computer on for a couple of hours to hit every resource to 50.000 before starting the war, and keep two fleets in orbit on all my factories. they never attack earth (that is unless it is your only colony) so I use the earth fleet to attack. also rush the SCG's cause they give you warlords. which make it guaranteed to win wars in the SOL so no more need for keeping 2 fleets in orbit, the excess drones may be used in battle in other systems.
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