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Level codes for GODS

Post by jvas »

Does anybody have the level codes for GODS (released by DBUG this month)? I accidentally pressed the ESC key ... :(
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Post by Marakatti »

Found the following from web, hope this helps...
  • Gods

    NOTE: This game may generate unique passwords for each copy sold. Therfore
    the codes listed below in magazines probably don't work.

    Level Passwords: Level 2 - JZS or CEL or APV
    Level 3 - SFJ or HHO or AVJ
    Level 4 - USX or DRA or LHH

    Type in 'SORCERY' on the password section to get infinite energy. If this
    does not work try it on the main screen or whilst playing.

    Learn the levels before going for the bonuses.
    It`s not always a good idea to collect valuable items as it tends to make
    the monsters much more aggressive.
    Sometimes it pays to lose a life before entering a new level to fool the
    computer into thinking you`re not that good a player, this means the next
    stage will be easier.

    On level two, buy a shield and a magic potion, then get three fireballs and
    three stars. Spend all of your remaining money on food and haelth. Collect
    all the gems in the usual manner. Then get a key and make for the exit.

    When you decend the last ladder, two thieves will appear, make sure that you
    don't quite have enough energy to survive a direct contact! Before going down
    the ladder, release your potion, then climb down and open the door. Stand in
    front of the door ready to leave, but don't pushup yet! Wait until the
    thieves jump down at you and as soon as they touch you push the joystick up.
    You may lose that life, but then something rather strange will happen. The
    bonus will start to wiz up for quit some time, until the game stars again on
    world two with 28 extra men and about 5 million points!
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