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SuperCC 2.0

Post by Lyverbe »

A year ago today, I made the first official release of SuperCC (see thread After a couple of updates, the last you've heard of it was on December 16.

Don't think it all ended there.

After a couple of months working on a different project, I went back to Captive. I started to reverse-engineer the memory map and discovered so many wonderful things. I included some of these findings in SuperCC and improved the utility in many ways. Amoung the changes done since 1.2, here are the highlights:

* Rewrote the entire memory management manager from scratch (new one is much faster)
* The map viewer is now the main window. It now has a menu bar to access functions found in the previous main menu.
* Now compatible with Captive version 1.0, 1.2 and the demo. The right version is automatically checked when SuperCC starts.
* Position (and size, if applicable) of most windows are restored from their last position
* New feature to select the graphics of the walls and ceiling
* Map editor. You cannot do everything, but many things can be changed on the fly. Along with this, it's possible to load and save the custom maps.

Encounters Window
* Figured out the last column of an individual encounter. It means many things at once, so I called it "Misc".
* Figured out "Unknown" info of encounter groups (Group speed)
* Removed "Bitmap Offset X" and "Bitmap Offset Y" (discovered they're something else not worth showing up)
* Encounters have real names (from MapGen) instead of "Encounter x"
* Possibility to kill all useless encounters (those without special gifts such as passwords and maps)

Map Viewer
* Draws the location of the base entrance (help when teleporting)
* New map mode control:
Main: The regular map
Trace: The auxilliary map that stores your movements so encounters can follow you
Root: The auxilliary map that stores the path to the entrance of the base

* Floors are separated by gray blocks
* Unused portions of the map are completely blanked out
* Cell description includes the floor section between brackets of the cell the mouse hovers
* Removed "Use outside icons" checkbox. It's now done automatically

Droid editor
* Droids can be renamed by simply typing their name in their name box
* Real experience points are displayed (Can't be edited. Pointless anyway.)

Picture viewer (new!): Stretchable window that displays the currently loaded images in memory (aka graphic ripper). Note that the description of the displayed image may be different depending on where you are in the game (ie. in a base, outside a base, in space, game over, etc.)

And last, but not least, I've disassembled the map generator and integrated it into SuperCC. You can now instantly play any map at any given time! If you care to know how a map is built, please visit the UCG.

Countless hours have been spent developing this tool and I was greatly helped by Dragonslover who did lots of testing and suggestions. Many thanks dude!
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Post by Stethane »

Sounds good. I'll be trying it out tomorrow. 8)
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Post by dungeon.master »

Thanks for that :wink:

A great addition for a Captive (and DM) fan !
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Post by DragonsLover »


Quoi? Tu sors une nouvelle version de SuperCC sans m'en prévenir par email? Espèce de... Comment oses-tu? :P

C'est vraiment cool! 8) Remarque que, t'aurais pu attendre que j'aie changé les images des encounters avant... et aussi, quelques bugs supplémentaires à régler.


Just to say that it will have future new releases of SuperCC as we're (Lyverbe and me) constantly improving it. Just watch this space! ;)
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