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I'd prefer to write the saved-game editors to run on an Atari (in the old days) although I have bought Pure BASIC last year, I've just not had the time or the energy to convert all my old cheat routines from the ST into a PC program (ie. stick them all into one program).

One of those "far off in the back of beyond" projects ........... :)
My main site: - slowly digging up the bits from my past (and re-working a few): Atari ST, Sega 8-bit (game hacks) and NDS (Music ripping guide).

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WillieSea wrote:Actually, I have been creating some of those also.

Is your program downloadable and usable to others?
I would assume you would have to create your own text file with the cheats since the memory location is different on every computer.

Perhaps, you could add an 'offset' value entry, and use one game to calibrate the rest of the cheats. (such as, using TSearch, enter the memory location of the first character of your name when playing Alternate reality the city.)
Even with adventure games, your program would work. Just have a button to set all stats to a certain value, and lock health and magic.
After leaving this in limbo for a while (I was never really convined it would work on other computer systems) I came back to this recently. One total rewrite from scratch later and I'm 95% done (just got documentation to write, file extensions to decide upon e.g. *.stc -> st cheat file etc).

My solution was born from the fact that I had recently learned enough ST assembly to finally write my own Steem patches to cheat in games with Steem. However, I became frustrated by the limitations of the Steem patch engine for my purpose. Specifically, using this, I could not switch cheats on and off at will (a feature I liked from emus like project 64, 1964 etc), and frequently cheats were tied to a specific Tos version (i.e. use another Tos version and it didn't work). I therefore set about creating my own patching program from scratch to apply ST addies/cheat codes at Emulator level, but from outside the emulator. Basically, to cut a long story short, to ensure the program works on other systems, I first locate the ST base Address within the emulator process in PC memory (*the memory insertion point*) then apply the ST addy/cheat code to this. Thus no matter where in PC memory the emulator resides, it will not effect the ability of the addy/code to work (i.e. cheats should work for all ).

Anyway I had a lot of fun making this, and will u/l to the forum when I finally knock off the last 5% (I hate writing documentation :( ).
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WillieSea wrote:Okay, here is v1.3 of the trainer. It is with a fresh install of the last english Steem v3.2 from the steem website. There are no addons, I changed no keyboard keys, and I did not make any hard drive locations. There are only floppy drives A and B.
It uses the TOS image off the Planet Emulation website: TOS v1.02 (1987)(Atari Corp)(Mega ST)(UK).img
It uses the game image off the Planet Emulation website: Sundog - Frozen Legacy v3.0 (1985)(FTL).st

I'm unable to use this trainer, my antivirus found a trojan.
False detection ?
Do you have similar detection ?
Games hunter, for Atari Legend
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