RGB to SCART with stereo audio

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RGB to SCART with stereo audio

Post by Kairos »

I'm trying to make an Atari STE RGB to SCART cable with separate leads for the stereo L and R sound. No problems with the picture part thanks to other posts here.

What I wonder about is the sound part.

Obviously, one can attach the Mono Audio signal from pin 1 on the DIN13 port to pins 2 and 6 of the SCART connector, which is the way to do it the ST models, the E-less ones.

Alternatively one could attach the sound from the separate RCA connectors to SCART pins 2 (Right) and 6 (Left).

Now to the question. How do I make a cable that will output Mono sound when attached to an ST (without the E) and stereo sound when attached to an STE?

The latter would somehow need to ignore the input from pin 1 on the DIN13 connector, which is mono audio. Is this a possibility:

Atari DIN13 pin 1 + RCA Left ----Mono/Left audio----------------- SCART pin 6
RCA Right ---------------------------------Right audio----------------- SCART pin 2
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