Faulty FDD or Atari 1040 STFM?

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Faulty FDD or Atari 1040 STFM?

Post by Johnnii360 »

Hi guys,

I want to resurrect my ATARI 1040 STFM at the moment but now I'm stuck. I re-capped the SC1224 monitor and the ST and additionally cleaned the FDD. But the FDD might be faulty - I guess.

Symptom at beginning: The FDD spins and does the sound if there is no floppy in it with an without floppy. Then I put out the PCB and checked the solder points. Nothing found. After that I put it in again and tried something. Now the floppy is dead. Put out again and found a broken solder point. Fixed it and now it's just spinning constantly. When the ST is booting the FDD LED lights up shortly but the head don't do a thing anymore. Only the platter is spinning and don't stop.

It's a TDK model but I have no idea what one.

Here's a photo of it:
Does someone know this issue? It's worth just to re-cap the drive or buy a new used one?
But there's an issue regarding re-capping: The platter PCB is riveted and can't be put out easily.

Edit #1: On main PCB it's print »TDK-T4IV«. On the back sticker is »D357« and »S/N 0014620«. On the upper metal shield is »A 7A26B«.

Edit #2: Correction - The platter PCB can be disassemble. Just the motor is riveted to the PCB.
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