Adapter for connecting a Mega ST(E)/TT keyboard to an ST/STE/Falcon030

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Adapter for connecting a Mega ST(E)/TT keyboard to an ST/STE/Falcon030

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As some of you know by now, I made a little adapter that makes it possible to easily connect a Mega ST or Mega STE/TT keyboard to any Atari ST/STE/Falcon030 model (except the original 520 ST which has a different internal keyboard connector).

If you're interested in the adapter, I still have a few of them left. They come fully assembled with a cable for connecting it to the motherboard and sell for 100 SEK (roughly €10 EUR), shipping is included! More information here:

I've made use of the adapter on both of my Falcon030 computers and wanted to share possible locations for the the RJ11 connector. In one of my Falcon's I have a CT60e with a picoPSU, and in that machine I decided to make use of the hole in the case used by the original PSU. In my other Falcon I carefully cut a hole on the right side of the computer. The switch to toggle between the internal and external keyboard I put close to the RJ11 socket on both machines. If you don't have an RJ11 socket and a suitable switch and are interested in the adapter, just let me know. I have Molex RJ11 sockets and small high-quality (Japanese) toggle switches to go with the adapter.

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