LDW 2.00 Utilities?

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LDW 2.00 Utilities?

Post by 1200XLMULE »

I took a bit of a detour from my exploration of Texel and dove into LDW 2.00. It's another spreadsheet program for those who don't know what it is. :) I found version 2.00 on Planet Emulation but that distribution doesn't seem to include the utilities that allow for printing sheets sideways. Sideways printing lets you print very wide sheets. I tried the earlier 1.10 utilities but they don't seem compatible with the 2.00 sideways print files.

Does anyone know where to find the 2.00 utilities?

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Re: LDW 2.00 Utilities?

Post by calimero »

Here you have SOME version of LDW Powercalc but I am not sure which version it is?

http://milan.kovac.cc/atari/software/?f ... SC#LDW.FTP
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