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uip-tool for EthereNEC Ethernet adapter

Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2021 1:19 am
by Mark_G
I've a falcon030 and the UIP-tool works great with the Lotharek Netusbee.
However, UIP-tool refuses to work when when I replace the Netusbee with an EtherNEC Ethernet adapter and a NE2000 Realtek 8019 Network adapter card.
Ethernec info :

This sounds strange to me because the Nesubee was designed to be compatible with the NE2000 - 8019.
When I use Magic+magicnet or Mint+mintnet, I can switch flawlessly between the 2 cards without modifying a setting or a driver.

Are there some other people who discovered this, or do they have a working system with the UIP-tool on a 'NE2000 - 8019' ?

BTW : UIP-tool is a very great utility.