DE10-Lite instead of Nano for Arcade only?

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DE10-Lite instead of Nano for Arcade only?

Post by bytestorm »

Hello everyone, Stefan from Sweden here :)

I am in the middle of ordering a new dev board and was more leaning towards the DE10-Lite before I came to this forum.
My interest is in the Arcade Cores only and the reason that I was considering the Lite version was to get to use the Max10 fpga, since it still has a xQFN pack (for easier pcb proto).

Anyone else using this "lite max10" dev board instead of the DE10-nano?
If so, are there any pros and cons I need to be aware of? (more than modifying the core for the max10)
Are there any addons availible for the DE10-Lite board that I need to run the arcade cores?

Thanks for your time!
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Re: DE10-Lite instead of Nano for Arcade only?

Post by Sorgelig »

If you are looking for single-core FPGA board then DE10-lite will be a good choice.
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Re: DE10-Lite instead of Nano for Arcade only?

Post by Newsdee »

As far as I can tell you won't have the ability to use any of the ARM framework part of MiSTer.
That means you can't switch cores, can't use USB controllers, and miss some utilities to load ROMs that are core-specific.
None of those are really critical for Arcade cores as far as I know.

I think this would be good to use as an "end installation" device
i.e. you put it inside a cab to use regularly, never changing the core (other than upgrades).

I could recommend using the same GPIO pinout as the Pandora's box controllers (perhaps modifying a bit to allow to connect speakers),
so that way you will be able to use this board as replacement PCB for any Pandora's box system (they use VGA internally).
See the pinout diagram here:
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