JT03 -> YM2203 core released

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JT03 -> YM2203 core released

Post by jotego »

I have been working on adding full YM2203 capability to the JT12 core, as YM2203 and YM2612 both use the same OPN Yamaha core.

I proudly present here the JT03, which is an option inside JT12. When jt03 is used as the top module instead of jt12 you get a full YM2203, which differs from YM2612 in:

-Only 3 FM channels
-PSG sound through internal YM2159 (implemented with jt49), which will appear as a git module inside your jt12 repository
-Full operator resolution (14 bit, vs only 9 bit in YM2612)
-16-bit monoaural sound output ( vs 11-bit stereo in YM2612)

YM2203 was widely used in arcades and some Japanese home computers. I have to update my Ghosts'n Goblins core to use this. I hope to see other people developing new cores using this sound module soon.
Source code of all my cores here.
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Re: JT03 -> YM2203 core released

Post by Gehstock »

Thank you :cheers:
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