FPGA 68000

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Re: FPGA 68000

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unseenmenace wrote:Image
That's exactly the case i'd like to see around the MIST:


Services like http://www.shapeways.com/ actually make this possible. You could even earn a little money selling these.
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Re: FPGA 68000

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thothy wrote:Do you know by any chance the details of the Falcon sound matrix and its interface to the DSP? That's one of the most important blind spots currently...
Couple of other issues on Falcon emulation are support for Fast RAM, some rare VIDEL issues, finishing MMU emulation (it's now good enough for demos, but not for MiNT memory protection or Linux) and 030 emulation cycle accuracy (especially for FPU and cache). DSP emulation should be pretty cycle accurate, see e.g. Falcon Doom port thread:
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Re: FPGA 68000

Post by JonB »

Hey that's a lovely case.. I see a few additional ports have been added. Sure would be good to have a native Mega keyboard port in there!
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