misdirected steem from memory snapshot

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misdirected steem from memory snapshot

Postby charles » Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:28 am

hi all..
ive been using steem for quite some time ....

here is my problem :

I have multiple steem programs in multiple folders on my pc's desktop...
one for programming ,
one for midi ,
one for art ...you see ...

so all my song files aren't mixed in with programming files miced in with art etc etc etc

everything is fine , I love it !

however when launching a memory snapshot
(for quik loading)

steem can not decipher or tell which configuration of the multiple occurances of steem it has been saved with
and often just chooses the first one found.

doesn't appear that big of problem but its beginning too irritate me
especially since the art folder steem loads a music memory snapshot ...or the programming steem loads an art memory snapshot ....etc etc etc etc

so is there a way a person can have the desired snapshot loaded with the instance of steem which saved it .???

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