Cable for monitor 13 pin DIN -> 4 x BNC (RGB+Sync) + audio?

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Cable for monitor 13 pin DIN -> 4 x BNC (RGB+Sync) + audio?

Postby Thordarson » Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:35 am

I got a 20 inch Sony PWM-2054QM proffesional CRT monitor. It would be fun to run Atari ST/STE in color on this screen, but I can't find any cables which is pure Atari STE to separate BNC for RGB and sync.

The closest I get is this:

I have a 13 pin to SCART which gives RGB, so this could work, but will the picture quality be as good when you use two cable sets together as a direct cable from the Atari connector to the BNC on the Sony?

Would like to hear if someone has experience with this or have any recommendations!

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