Would MiSTer ever be able to run a Neo Geo core?


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Re: Would MiSTer ever be able to run a Neo Geo core?

Postby DYates69 » Sat Apr 06, 2019 1:24 pm

zomgugoff wrote:
DYates69 wrote:I couldn't find the top-sp1.bin file either.

I have found that this core doesn't seem to like larger partitions. Took me ages trying to get it working on a 32GB card then I tried a smaller partition and one of the previous versions worked straight away.

Anyway idea where I can find the top-sp1.bin?


I'm pretty sure we can't link BIOS files here, but I can tell you this is a NeoGeo CD BIOS file, and it can be found in MESS BIOS collections.

Actually I think I found it thanks. But still can't get it working, I managed with the original release but I'm guessing it's because the latest release hasn't yet been compiled into an rbf. If anyone k