Read Atari floppies on Mac or PC or Amiga

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Read Atari floppies on Mac or PC or Amiga

Postby stradivarius » Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:50 pm

I have few Atari floppy disks that I need to read on Mac or PC.
Can I do that with emulator or other program?
I have been try with few Atari st emulator with usb floppy drive on Mac OS X and on Mac OS 7 but with no success.
How about Atari St emulator on Amiga?
I dont have Ultrasatan...
Thank you for any advice.
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Re: Read Atari floppies on Mac or PC or Amiga

Postby calimero » Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:54 am

Format floppy on PC and then use it on Atari.


or you have floppy disks in Atari specific format (more than 79 tracks and more sectors...) and you want to read them on PC or Amiga because your Atari does not have "connection" to PC (so you can not move files from Atari to PC)?
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Re: Read Atari floppies on Mac or PC or Amiga

Postby jvaltane » Mon Jun 03, 2019 9:44 am

I was able to read 720k Atari disks without problem with Amiga + crossdos and Mac (System7). Writing also kind of works with these.

I prefer disk image myself. Easier to handle and use/read with emulators if needed.

You could try with Omniflop application. It should also work with 800k floppies. ...but I don't know does it work with USB-foppydrive. I have also read somewhere that some USB-floppydrives works properly only with 1.44M floppies. Anyway images this application creates should be readable with emulators.

If Atari has enough memory, ram-disk might work instead of HD. Read images with real machine to ram-disk and then transfer images to PC using serial or what ever possible transfer methods you have.

There are also some special hardware to help read disks with PC. For example KryoFlux (USB) or Catweasel (PCI). I think KryoFlux is the one disk preserving people uses nowadays. Not sure what kind of images it is possible to create with tools for these. Not sure are these image-format(s) emulator compatible. Probably some old PC with internal floppy is cheaper to get than any of these hardware solutions.
- jvaltane

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Re: Read Atari floppies on Mac or PC or Amiga

Postby joska » Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:12 am

USB floppydrives will in my experience only work with DOS-formatted disks with 80 tracks and either 9 (DD/720kb) or 18 (HD, 1440kb) sectors per track. Any other format will not be recognised. Please note that disks formatted from the desktop with TOS < 1.4/1.6 are not DOS compatible.

You will either need a real Atari or a PC with a classic floppy disk controller to read disks that can't be read with a USB drive.
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Re: Read Atari floppies on Mac or PC or Amiga

Postby czietz » Mon Jun 03, 2019 5:12 pm

Both USB floppy drives I have tested can also read floppy disks with other number of sectors per track, for example 800 kB disks (10 sectors per track). For that, the disks either needs a MS-DOS compatible boot sector specifying that number of sectors or the drive needs to be told the disk format via the appropriate command (MODE SELECT, flexible disk page). Unfortunately, neither of the drives can be coerced to read more than 80 tracks, though.

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Re: Read Atari floppies on Mac or PC or Amiga

Postby PeterS » Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:13 am

I remember editing a byte on the floppy so that it could be read by a PC or ST as long as the disc had the right number of tracks and sectors in the first place. It had something to do with a bug in the old cp/m code that M$ used when "writing" DOS.

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