For Sale: Mega 1; SM124; Memory Expansion stuff. London, UK.

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For Sale: Mega 1; SM124; Memory Expansion stuff. London, UK.

Postby sprinkles99 » Sat Oct 20, 2018 5:40 pm

Hi all,

Sorry to be a ghost here and have no posting history, but i'm more of a reader than a talker. Anyway, i thought i'd see if anyone is interested in the bits i'm selling, before putting them out onto the usual internet marketplace sites.

I have:

A Mega 1, UK TOS 1.02, stock 1mb RAM. Overall good condition, a bit yellowed, some knocks here and there. The floppy might need replacing, though working ok it's very noisy and i don't trust it. The rubber feet on the bottom have perished and cracked. The backup battery flap doesn't stay clipped in for some reason. Has a mouse on which the rubber feet have come off at some point and left an ugly goo smear on the bottom, not sticky, just gross looking. Keyboard is fine and has the stretchy cable etc. I'm looking to parcel this with a working SM124, ok condition also (yellowing, few knocks and scuffs etc). The light is slightly uneven, and the centering seems a bit off. Gallery here: - £120 (?)

4 x Goldstar memory modules + a Zubair Interfaces, Inc. 3-D memory expander circa 1989. These are all *untested* so will only sell on condition of that being understood. I have no idea if they work or not, nor how much RAM it actually is in fact. The Zubair says 'tested 4 Meg' on a sticker, but it doesn't look like it has enough chips to be 4 meg. Anyway, willing to let this stuff go to a new home for cheap. Gallery here: - Name your price.

I'm happy to post the memory stuff, but would prefer the Mega ST to be collected really, especially if you want the monitor. Or i can sell the ST on its own and post that at cost.

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