Troubleshooting 520 STM ram expansion

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Troubleshooting 520 STM ram expansion

Postby Methanoid » Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:14 pm

I bought a 520STM that was described as working but when I got it home I found was not. Opening it up and removing the 512k Ram expansion by disconnecting the Shifter adapter and replacing Shifter in its socket got the machine to boot. So I have a problem with the Ram expansion. But how can I troubleshoot this?

Ideally I want to fix this expansion as I don't have the money to spring for a fancy 4Mb expansion. I am also NOT any good with a soldering iron so dont want to have to desolder all those wires etc. If I can find the problem with my Multimeter I may be able to get someone competent with an iron to do the actual fix ;-)

So, is the trusty Multimeter the tool I need and if so how do I test and what?


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