Xaaes and Jinnee

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Xaaes and Jinnee

Postby Kroll » Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:11 am

I would like ask, because I have some problem with beckground in this configuration. I use MiNT 1.19-cur + XaAES + Jinnee
A Background image I used directly from xaaes file xa_form.mfd in the corresponding directory eg 1024768.32.
I see during the starting jinnee but after this I always set white (please look at snapshot).
I tried with different settings directly in JInnee (Jinnee settings, Background desktop) but I do not know how to solve it, It is OK how to run Xaaes with Teradesk or Thing with the same resolution.
The background image appears when I move the window, for example
Is it possible to set it up or do I have to resign and set the background directly in the Jinnee settings ?
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