Unable to get NetUSBee to connect with STiNG

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Unable to get NetUSBee to connect with STiNG

Postby leech » Tue Jul 04, 2017 2:50 am

So at one point in time I had MiNT working (pretty sure I had standard TOS with STiNG working as well, but not 100% sure). Then I got my CT60 and started working on fixing that up.

Now that i finally have the shell and everything working, was wanting to get the network to work, but damned if I can do that. Was looking at wongck's page; https://sites.google.com/site/probehous ... h-ethernec Seems some of the links there are now dead (Sting download, the wikis, etc). Lotharek's page links to http://hardware.atari.org/manuals/netmint.htm which is empty except for a header.

Only output from STiNG that I can see is 'DNS Cache failed to load' which from the Internet just means it can't load CACHE.DNS (which it never creates because of something wrong. I've got everything set up like http://www.azog.org/?p=2006 shows, but no such luck.

Then I've got MiNT. Which I currently stuffed both ENEC3 and... wait, just tried one last thing, and found out that unlike other networking stack, MiNT absolutely requires a gateway to be added. Normally if you're just pinging locally one is not needed, but it wouldn't respond to a ping until I added the last two route lines in.

Well that part was easy, just no Single tasking TOS support, yet...

Any ideas on that one? (at least now I know it's not my hardware that is poop.)
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