Side 2 Cart firmware update woes and other hiccups

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Side 2 Cart firmware update woes and other hiccups

Postby seastalker » Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:58 am

New Side 2 and U1MB (Not installed yet.) My Sandisk Ultra 16GB CF card at 50mb/sec is not supported for some reason. I've heard to only go with SanDisk so I'd be happy for suggestions of the biggest and fastest CF card that the Side 2 supports that will hold the A8 library. I have a small 125MB card that is doing the job for now.

Now, the firmware update instructions and guides aren't working in my case. I followed the pdf manual, Lotharek's site, and flashjazzcat's. I watched the firmware video by "The Modern Atari 8bit computer", but the mentioned file he used is no longer visible. Using the same tactic with the latest firmware files, "side2_full.atr" and or "side2_loader.atr" only boot with SIOtoPC/RespeQT with the side 2 cart UNPLUGGED. SpartaDos does not continue booting any .ATR otherwise for some odd reason.

I'm using an 800xl with 256MB Wizztronic so I tried using the UFLASH.XEX but oddly it doesn't recognize the SIDE2 cart even manually selected from the menu.

I've been at it all day and did my homework but I don't know other options. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to all the guides thus far even if they didn't work for me yet.

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