XEGS microswitches

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XEGS microswitches

Postby seastalker » Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:22 pm

I have an XEGS working except a problem with the micro-switches. OPTION does not seem to work so XEX files are out for me right now with ReseQt software. Now, If I turn on the system, it alternates between built in Missle Command and the Self Test. Seems my SELECT button micro-switch somehow now is REVERSE polarity: If I push select it WONT boot into M.C. I've a feeling I should replace the microswitches for OPTION and likely SELECT, if not them all or just the wonky ones and wait for the others to go. I have many microswitches but does anyone have a link to or part number for these taller ones needed on an XEGS? Most appreciated!!

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