Question of A800 Elite (Firebird) conversion finally answered.

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Question of A800 Elite (Firebird) conversion finally answered.

Postby lostdragon » Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:22 pm

Ever since i read a letter in UK Magazine, Atari User, claiming an early conversion of Firebird's Elite had been started on the Atari 800, but dropped as coders left, Firebird could'nt find any to replace them, i've been searching to find out IF the claim was true.
And i've been sat on the answer without even realising it, for months, Doh!
From a mini-interview RetroGamer Magazine did with David Braben:
Q)Was there an Atari 800 version (of Elite) commissioned?
DB:No, though we did want to do one.But i think by 1984 it was low on the lost, sadly.We had our work cut out doing versions of Elite, both Ian and i, and a number of very dilligent contractors working with our ugly code on 17 different platforms!'.
And a reminder of the game itself: ... OUrfmZzLOw

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