Problem with mmu_setup installation

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Problem with mmu_setup installation

Postby Kroll » Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:52 am

Dear All,

I am new user of this forum and from a few months I have user of Hades060

In othher post I have read that the set_mmu must be install when you triy to used sound card on hades. Because I have just plug in SB4750 instal pci_bios.prg, gsxb.prg and es1371.prg in auto folder and during the start i have information that thay installed, but still hane no sound in my external speakers.

Then I tried to install set_mmu.prg in auto folder on your C drive I have uploaded mmusetup.cnf without any changes to this file as it was in the archives set_mmu.07b. If I understand you have to edit this file. In my Hades I have 192 MB of RAM and want to give such 14MB ST-RAM, the rest of the TT-RAM. However, during the computer STARTING robin letters are at some point it stops and returns the standard error of the Access fault (bus error). Please help because me ?
I want to run my sound card

Best Regards

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