Rules for PASTI images

Pasti images in here - please read the rules to ensure we don't get repeated uploads etc.

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Rules for PASTI images

Postby Klapauzius » Tue Nov 24, 2009 7:32 pm

Before uploading any images, please check the following:

Does your original disk actually need to be imaged?
You might want to check the Pasti database from this thread to see if that game has already been imaged to Pasti format or not. Of course, if you just feel like imaging up some disks then just pasti away. :)

Pasti or MSA/ST?
If you're absolutely sure that your original disk is physically unprotected, then an MSA or ST image will do as well (well, at least in my opinion ;-) ). However, it might be more sensible not to take any risks and image all your original disks in Pasti format. You can't go wrong with that.

Please quick-check your Pasti images before uploading
This does not mean you should play them to the end of the game, of course. But please fire up your image on Steem (or any other Pasti compatible emulator) to see if it's booting at all.

Please post some info about the version of the game you have imaged
Is it a retail (full-price) version, or is it part of a game compilation, is it a budget release? This will help the preservation guys to file the image properly.

Useful links:
an instruction on how to image your disks with Pasti can be found in the "IMAGING TOOL for ST" ZIP file.

Pasti images that currently don’t work

Pasti images that should, but don't work

Titles that can't be imaged

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Re: Rules for PASTI images

Postby Mug UK » Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:29 pm

As an aside to the above rules - say thanks when you leech the download. PASTI-ing a bunch of originals does take time - no only making the effort to read in the originals but then testing each one (sometimes with multiple disks per title).

How hard is it to click Reply to Post and say "cheers for making the effort"?
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