A section to cover all the different problems encountered by running game x on system y! Whether it's as simple as a non-STE compatible game through to h/drive installable games. Discuss them all in here.

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Postby AtariZoll » Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:03 am

Grimblood by Maelstrom:
It works only under TOS 1.02, but game is really good and original (as most by Mike Singleton). So, it was worth to fix it. The exact problem is that game code uses TOS workspace at $3000-$4800 for own purposes - maybe that was necessary to make it work with 512KB machines. And it seems that they tested only with TOS 1.02. Since other TOS versions have little different low RAM usage , it crashes on them.
The funny thing is that there is solution and some free RAM space in all TOS versions when game starts automatically (boot or AUTO run) - used only by Dungeon Master as I know. In TOS header is address of Desktop workspace, and it is about 16-25KB long (depending on TOS version). That space is usually wasted in case of AUTO run, so with Grimblood too. I fixed it by redirecting all involved addresses in game to that space with short code before start, which sets base address using TOS header info.
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