Lucia was here

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Lucia was here

Postby Marcer » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:44 pm

In sweden we sing..

Sanktaaaa Luciaaaaa... etc. :)
she was in hurry but stopped by at

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Postby Mug UK » Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:00 pm

For those (like me) who had no idea who Santa Lucia was .. click below :)

I am know 0.001% more knowlegeable about the way Xmas is celebrated in Sweden :)
My main site: - slowly digging up the bits from my past (and re-working a few): Atari ST, Sega 8-bit (game hacks) and NDS (Music ripping guide).

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Postby bullis1 » Fri Dec 14, 2007 1:00 am

I can't say the releases are the greatest, but they do come with intros + tunes so they get my thumbs up :D

It's too bad I never started a St. Nicholas day thread here on the 6th, so maybe all the Dutch bros like myself could throw some Atari gifts around. Oh well, there's always Christmas and New Years!

Thanks for the gifts AL.

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