Full Screen Siner Demo

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Full Screen Siner Demo

Postby NeilH » Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:27 pm

Found some old source code lying around on a ZIP disk at the back of a cupboard!

This is a demo I wrote for a STOS mega demo in 1993 that we never released coz we got bored! I've got the original demo disk too, but having quite a job extracting the image (my copy protection routine foils all my attempts!).

Anyway, this is a full screen sine distorted scroller. It works on 1 bit plane on 320x200 calculated in real-time with 3 32x32 single plane sprites and 3 single plane 32x32 vu-meters.

You'll need a stack load of extensions installed to run this, but I have a disk that I will upload with them all on. Allthough it runs uncompiled, best compile the demo to view in all it's glory!

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