TOS programming with CodeWarrior

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TOS programming with CodeWarrior

Postby tyk » Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:08 pm

Maybe somebody can intrested in this link: ... inker.html
Maybe somebody can translate. Put if I understand it says something that you can make with it Atari programs in Metrowerks CodeWarrior in mac..maybe somebody can even make old mac-sources to work with Atari.

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Re: TOS programming with CodeWarrior

Postby JustinPayne » Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:04 pm

I have CodeWarrior v.6 for the Palm and if it's anything like the version you're using, I'd stay away from it. The Palm Vx had the 68000 and so I attempted to use it to do some development with it but it was so buggy that I just gave up. That being said, as far as translating, I just used Google translate on it (Chrome plug. It's an option in the context menu) and it seemed to translate to readable English, if that's your target language.
The TOS linker is a linker plugin for Metrowerks CodeWarrior . With the linker TOS Atari programs can be created on Mac OS with CodeWarrior development environment. The CodeWarrior includes a matching compiler plugin that can generate code for the Motorola 68000 processor, as used in the Atari computers. The TOS linker can object code, the code generated by the compiler or Warriors 68k Pure-C, left together to an executable Atari binary. In addition to the TOS Left completely re-written libraries of all TOS system calls (XBIOS, Bios, Gemdos, VDI and AES) included. These libraries are continuous thread-safe and can be used without problems in parallel threads therefore, as under the Atari MagiC or MiNT / N.AES are possible.

Note: Since version 7 CodeWarrior supports no longer officially the 68000 processor. The appropriate compiler plug-ins and associated libraries can however be easily transferred from a previous CodeWarrior version.

The TOS linker as well as the accompanying TOS libraries are now freeware . The current version of the TOS linker is carbonized and thus also under Mac OS X Atari programs are generated.

Download TOS TOS including linker libraries (164 KB)
Download only the TOS Libraries (160 KB)
The TOS libraries can be possibly used after a little adjustment with Pure-C, so I offer them separately for download. However, this is no longer officially supported by me.

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