SainT 1.00b bug(s?)...

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SainT 1.00b bug(s?)...

Postby 2nd.evidence » Tue Jun 18, 2002 9:56 pm

Hi Leonard!

First of all thank you and James so much for SainT !!!

I found a little GUI bug: the record window doesn't show the screenshot preview when SainT runs windowed, even if the picture is saved correctly... this bug is present since v0.99, where windowed mode appeared.

One thing concerning TOS 1.62 fr (STE mode activated, of course): emulation hangs on mouse events (mouse over menu, icon click, selection) and debug windows shows the following code:
loop: tas (a5) ; A5 = $FF8A3C
bmi.s loop
The tas instruction is supposed to set the bit7 of its operand to 1, which in this case is the busy bit of the blitter control register.
(I don't remember all this, I just re-opened my precious old books! o_O )
So perhaps a 68k core or blitter emulation bug ???

Thanks again for SainT, ST nostalgia rules !!!

PS: the floppy image would almost perfectly handle a screenshot of the disk inserted :) )

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Postby 2nd.evidence » Tue Jun 18, 2002 10:26 pm

just a test as a registered user :wink:

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