keymap with dead keys

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keymap with dead keys

Postby Gunstick » Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:52 pm


TL:DR; does hatari treat well dead keys?

I have a swiss keyboard. It has a couple of dead keys which I need to use to map the full keyboard.
I know I cannot map the writing on the keys to the characters the atari produces. So what I do, I overlay the german Atari-layout over my swiss keyboard.

So far for the initial setup. Now for the problem (or bug).
Top row on swiss keaboard ends in 8 9 0 ' ^
The ^ is a so called dead key. You first type the key, then another character and you get ^ + e = ê
Using SDL codes and scancodes, the mapping of 36,41 makes the right thing: pressing ^ gives me the ' on the ST, as expected.

Now for the second row, it ends in o p ü "
The " is also a dead key. It's used for " + e = ë
So I go ahead and set the following mapping: 168,27 to get a + when pushing "

Problem: it does not work!
I even used the checkkeys program to get the SDL codes, I needed to change the print in the source to get them.

Unknown Key (scancode = 0x 0) pressed modifiers: (none) (^) 94
Unknown Key (scancode = 0x 0) pressed modifiers: (none) (�) 168

I guess there is special code in hatari for treating dead keys. And this constellation has not yet been added.
If there is more debugging needed, just ask what you need.

These tests were done on xubuntu linux 16.04


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