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Llamatron & 4-play Blissbox

Postby Bama » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:26 pm

Hi Y'all,

I have installed Hatari 1.9 on both my Raspberry Pi2 (RetroPie/EmulationStation) & my MacBook Retina with OSX 10.10. I have a 4-play by Blissbox (retro joystick to USB). I have an Epyx xj500 and a NES joypad.

Joust works fine with these joysticks.

Llamatron 2112 does not seem to respond to pressing the fire buttons.

Any ideas?



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Eero Tamminen
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Re: Llamatron & 4-play Blissbox

Postby Eero Tamminen » Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:05 am

If Joust works fine, it's unlikely an issue with the joysticks themselves or Hatari itself. If e.g. joystick keyboard emulation works with it, joysticks are fine. More likely, the game isn't compatible with the TOS version you're using, it it supports only some other input method. Try other TOS versions and read the game documentation.

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