Using mkfifo and C to emulate the /dev file system on OSX

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Using mkfifo and C to emulate the /dev file system on OSX

Postby Hippy Dave » Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:27 pm

I believe it is possible to write a C program that opens a named pipe for other programs to communicate with it, while this 'program' forwards the raw midi data to the macintosh midi subsystem. The objective is to emulate /dev/midiCxDx in the directory from where this 'program' was launched. This would allow UNIX-style programs like Hatari to communicate with OSX MIDI without modification... putting the UNIX testosterone back into OSX.

I don't have an Apple computer so I can only make suggestions. However, I'm certain this could be a fun challenge, simple enough to whip up in a few days when you get bored.

Here are some hints: ... idi-output ... sing-pipes

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