File copy bug in GEM ?

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File copy bug in GEM ?

Postby exxos » Fri Mar 07, 2014 7:59 pm

I keep seem to get a crash/reset when copying files from C: to A:

I think the problem is, I am copying files around on my PC to a Steem C: drive, but when I select all the files & folder to copy to A:, Steem just resets. It creates the first folder on A: then thats it.

I have noticed also, that when I copy files one by one from C: to A: it works. I have also noticed if I try and copy the files again via select all (to overwrite the files on A:) it asks first, for a file name, so I click skip, but the second "file" the box does not show a filename at all, now it alternates between a filename, and nothing, for however many files are on the C: drive.

I am thinking its some sort of clash between 32bit and 16bit FATs somehow ? Something like on my PC its using long file names even though under steem it does not, so its classing a long filename as 2 files kinda thing.

If I don't explain well, I can make a video... Though I think you you copy a file files and folders, from C: to a blank A: drive, it will replicate the problem (even if only using 8.3 format files)
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